Yesterday we delivered this funky pink, blue and white jungle teepee party theme for a very special 7th birthday party in Sotogrande.

I was told that every year the birthday girl is treated to a day at the local zoo to see the lions at Castellar de La Frontera and she has no idea she will be having a safari themed teepee party in her own back yard!

As well as sleeping with her best friends and brother under the stars, we have set up our outdoor cinema and the girls have booked Pamper Queen Natalie from @kidzcarespain with her pamper party and candy floss cart, as well as delicious Food & Snack Boxes from @FoodRoomMarbella. I even heard that they are having some real-life visitors from the zoo too!

We normally set up the teepee party indoors but as this family had lots of fake grass we were able to set them up outdoors, which was perfect to point them towards our big 120inch screen ready for outdoor cinema.  Apparently the birthday girl had been asking to sleep outdoors all summer so this was the perfect opportunity given that the temperature has soared to 33 degrees and it was due to be a hot summers night! We are so lucky to live in Spain! 

If you would like to reserve a teepee party for your little boy or girl, our mattresses are super comfy and measure 60cm x 175cm so even adults can sleep on them! Yeah.. you know you want to! hahaha 

We can set them up indoors, and weather dependent, they can be set up outdoors on a protected surface. We have some fabulous add-ons to entertain the children as the big screen can be set up indoors or outdoors and as you can plug in your own device the children can enjoy movie night or online gaming as they can plug in their playstation or Xbox! 

We also work with local entertainers so treat your little one to a pamper party, candy floss party and let us do the catering too!

We will collect it all the next day so you can just relax and enjoy the party too!  We cover the whole Costa del Sol from Malaga to Sotogrande so everyone can enjoy our legendary teepee parties!


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